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Design and Tender

Design and Tender is the second stage of our journey. With your Home Energy Plan complete, let us manage the installer selection and design of your energy efficiency project so you’re confident in the works ahead.

We’ll develop a project specification and ensure you understand it. Then we’ll shortlist vetted installers and manage the tender process before consulting you on the final selection.

Furbnow Design and Tender services will ensure you:

  • Understand the detail. We’ll ensure you understand the planned improvements and process as we go and are available to discuss quotes and designs from installers.
  • Trust the process. We’ll keep you informed and make all of the final decisions together. You can be confident in the decision-making process that you were part of.
  • Limit your risks - We’ve done this before. Applying our experience to the tender process cuts the risk of the performance, quality and cost issues later on.
  • Can be confident in your selected installers. It’s clear who’s involved and that everyone understands the spec, budget and your unique needs. Your project is ready to go.

What’s included

  • Project specification. Detailed requirements for your energy efficiency project. We’ll discuss and advise as we go, so you understand the tender and subsequent process.
  • Shortlisted installers. We’ll make sure you avoid the cowboys. We select vetted local installers from our network to ensure you consider the best for your project.
  • Managed tender. We’ll request and review quotes and designs using the project specification. We’ll ask the important questions before selecting the preferred installer together.

Once the Design and Tender stage is complete, we’re ready to deliver your home energy improvements. Find out about our Project Delivery here.

Read on if you've already had a survey

Design and Tender typically follows our Home Energy Plan. In some instances we can start supporting you at the Design and Tender stage.

If you’ve already had a survey of your property you can book a call here and we’ll discuss how best we can take on your project.

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Let’s plan your warmer, more environmentally-friendly home.

We can get started today. The first step is to get a personalised quote. From there, we’ll collect some details about you and your home and book a survey.