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A Furbnow Home Energy Plan is the first step to a warmer, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient home.

Today's quote includes a professional survey*, Home Energy Plan, and a follow-up consultation call. That's Stage 1 of a Furbnow energy efficiency project.

After Stage 1, you may choose to proceed with the Design and Tender (Stage 2) and Project Delivery (Stage 3) of the improvements identified in your Home Energy Plan.

Home energy efficiency projects typically take 3-8 months from scheduling a survey to completion. By booking a Home Energy Plan today, you can start this journey and confidently engage installers when the time is right.

Home Energy Plans are for homeowners who want to understand their energy efficiency improvement options. If you already have a survey or a firm view on the improvements you wish to install, contact us first to confirm how best we can help.

  • 1

    Stage 1 - Home Energy Plan

    • Professional survey*
    • Home Energy Plan
    • Consultation call

  • 2

    Stage 2 - Design and Tender

    • Project specification
    • Shortlisted installers
    • Managed tender

  • 3

    Stage 3 - Project Delivery

    • Project delivery plan
    • Managed installation
    • Quality assurance

*Please note: our surveys don't include air tightness testing or thermal imaging. These services are not typically required to assess improvement options but can be conducted in Stage 2 if required.