Make your home energy efficient, without the hassle

Looking to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable? We're your partner from start to finish. From the initial Home Energy Plan, to ensuring you have the best suppliers at the right price, we are your one-stop-shop retrofit partner.

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The Guardian

Home insulation: how to stop your bills from going through the roof

Guardian Money writer gets independent advice on his home's energy efficiency.

After what felt like a lot of fruitless phone calls to find an expert, step forward Becky Lane, who runs Furbnow, a firm set up to fill exactly this space in the market. She generously agreed to allow Guardian Money to trial the service and, a few weeks later, one of her home assessors, Adrian, was dispatched to Hertfordshire, where he spent a few hours crawling all over our house...

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1

We survey your home and provide you with a personalised plan

We'll send an accredited retrofit assessor to do an in-depth survey of your property. Then we'll send you a clear action plan showing options and cost estimates to upgrade your home (you won't need to Google every other word).

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Step 2

We manage the energy efficiency upgrades throughout

We're focused on giving you the best, most unbiased advice and then making the retrofit process as easy as possible. We have two options:

Full project management: We organise the work, the deadlines and the entire installation and process and aftercare, only involving you as much as you want.


Project Support: You'll find the contractors and we'll help advise you throughout the process to make sure it all goes to plan.

Step 3

Enjoy your greener, healthier home

Most of our home upgrade projects result in a higher home value, lower home energy consumption, less CO2 emissions, and a healthier, more comfortable place to live. Once your project is complete, we're always here to answer any questions and help you get the most from your home upgrades.

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"I feel really reassured that Furbnow can help me find installers and get my retrofit project started."

- James, London

Awards & Recognition

TLA PropTech Net Zero Winners


Midlands Startup of the year Winners

Construction and Building Services


The Net Zero Hero Top 50 Persons List

Becky Lane

We give you end-to-end support in a tricky industry

Find your own installers & services

Watch out for biased advice on measures your home needs

Risk re-doing or undoing poor quality work

Do jobs in the wrong order making the process more expensive

With Furbnow

An assessor home visit and detailed picture of how you can improve energy-efficiency

Using modern techniques and insulation inspection to diagnose your energy needs

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of where your home can be improved

You’ll get plans and quotes based on your budget and goals to carry out changes in your home

Supported by incredible partners

Founders Factory
UK Green Building Council
Sustainable West Midlands
Sustainable West Midlands
Upgrade your home

Get the plan your home needs

Our Home Energy Plan shows the path forward for your property.


An overview of the current performance of your home and how it could improve.


A detailed breakdown of potential problem areas in your home. The next steps for your project if you decide to start your retrofit.


An outline of the outcomes the project will bring to your home as well as a breakdown of all the energy efficiency measures you could install and the best measures to invest in first.

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