Starting a Retrofit Project

Our retrofit project work means that we can organise all the contractors you need and project manage the energy efficiency installations for you.
Or you can take the lead and we can advise you. It's up to you.
Get in touch with our support team to find out more.

What are my Retrofit Project options?

Once we’ve provided your detailed report and action plan, you have a number of options to proceed with:

  1. Project Support - we support you organising the work yourself
  2. Full Project Management - we provide the team and carry out the work ourselves
  3. Extension and remodelling - we install energy efficiency measures around your renovation works

How it works

What if I lead the project?

You do have the option of taking the results of your assessment and going down the DIY route; you’d manage the project, choose your installers and do some of the work yourself. 

We’d offer consultation and quality assurance to make sure you’re getting the best from your contractors. This way you can rest easy knowing that the improvements are being done effectively, to spec and limit the risk of future problems.

What's involved in project support?

If you choose project support, we will provide advice throughout your retrofit project work. The key points are:

What's in full Project Management?

By choosing the full project management option, we will provide a team to run your whole retrofit project.

All you will need to do is feedback on the provided spec, confirm the work you’d like done and agree the work plan. 

A retrofit coordinator (RC) will bring together everything required for the project.

The project will use accredited installers - the RC will schedule installers and order of installation. 

They’ll also make sure the specifications and designs are correct before installation.

The RC will visit the site during the installation to ensure it’s being done to specification and resolve any issues.

Once you’ve chosen this option, you pay the initial service fee for your project, then 50% of the installation prior to installation and 50% post installation once it’s signed off.

What if I'm already getting work done?

If you’re planning a building project for your house, now is the perfect opportunity to retrofit and increase your energy efficiency at the same time. Whilst your home is disrupted, it makes sense to put in place any energy saving measures, as you save time, money, reduce your carbon impact and you only have the builders in once.

Many architects are still getting up to speed with the full requirements of retrofit. By working with us on your renovation or house project, we provide a retrofit coordinator to work with your architect to integrate the retrofit plan with your extension plans. To give an idea:

The architect will provide:

The accredited retrofit coordinator will:

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Start making your home healthier today

Right now we supply the Midlands and London areas and are working on expanding into new regions.

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