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Retrofit Services: Double and Triple Glazing

Retrofit Services: Double and Triple Glazing

What are double and triple glazing? How much do they cost? And can you book it through us? (Hint: you sure can, you just need to book a home assessment first). Read on for our full guide.

Definition: What is Double or Triple Glazing?

Double and Triple Glazing is very simple, two or three layers of glass in a window frame. Adding another layer of glass in windows and glass doors, helps reduce noise, retain heat and improve security. Double glazing was first introduced in the UK in the 1980s, with triple-glazing becoming increasingly popular in recent years for additional energy efficiency or noise reduction. There is quite a cost difference between the two, and double glazing is still the standard across much of the UK.

What are the benefits of double/triple glazing?

How does double/triple glazing get installed?

Firstly, your existing windows will be removed. A new frame will be installed in the brickwork, and then finally, the new glass will be fitted into place. You’ll want to make sure that both the internal and external areas around the new windows are clear for the installer's arrival.

How long does it take to get double/triple glazing installed?

It depends on the size and number of windows that are being replaced, but it can be relatively swift. As a rough estimate, you’re probably looking at around 30 to 90 minutes per window. Multiply that by the number of windows you’re looking to have replaced for your magic number. So for most three bed properties you should have your new windows within a day.

How much does double/triple glazing cost?

uPVC window style - average price:

The cost of double and triple glazed windows varies depending on the type of window and glass within, and the illustrative costs shown here don’t include installation, which according to Checkatrade is typically between £250 to £350 per day.

Can I have double/triple glazing done alongside other work?

Yes. It makes sense to have as much done as possible at the same time as you have builders already on site, it means less disruption, and it’s less carbon intensive so better for the environment.

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