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Making Homes More Comfortable and Energy-Efficient: John's Journey with Furbnow

Retrofit 3 mins

John's story:

John Schwarzmantel, a homeowner in Leeds, UK, knew his house wasn't as energy-efficient as it could be.

I did not feel like anything was going wrong, but I just thought things could be made better” he says.

While his energy bills weren't excessively high, he noticed heat loss issues within his home and felt there was room for improvement and a way to create a more comfortable living space. That's when he discovered Furbnow's Home Energy Plans and project management services from an article in The Guardian.

A Straightforward Path to Efficiency

John wasn't interested in tackling a complex home improvement project on his own. He wanted clear recommendations and a smooth process. When asked about what led him to consider Furbnow, John replied

The whole idea of getting someone else to deal with the contractors and to make recommendations and to make a plan and see it through”.

John also added that this was the only way all his home energy problems would be addressed properly without having to “spend countless hours weighing many different firms for each of the measures”. The fact that Furbnow would help with finding contractors, negotiate with them, and manage them throughout the project is what appealed to him most, since he did not want to take that hassle on himself. Furbnow's approach resonated with him.  John describes the experience as "very easy" and "straightforward."  The booking process, assessment with the retrofit coordinator, Adam, and receiving the Home Energy Plan were all hassle-free.

A Plan for a More Efficient Future

The Home Energy Plan provided John with a clear roadmap for improvements. He appreciated the detailed recommendations, including potential energy savings and cost estimates with each measure. This transparency gave him the confidence to decide exactly what to move forward with for his project and what could wait for the future.

Taking the Worry Out of Home Improvement

When asked about what John found as the most helpful features of Furbnow, John highlighted three key benefits of using Furbnow's project management services:

  1. Taking Over Tasks: John didn't have to deal with contractors directly. Furbnow handled everything, saving him significant time and effort.

I was able to let someone much more experienced in retrofitting handle the communications with the contractors”.

  1. Negotiation Expertise: John did not have to worry about getting the right price from contractors since Furbnow negotiated with contractors on John's behalf, ensuring he received fair pricing.
  2. Clear Communication and Control: John always knew what was happening and when.

I would have a clear idea of when it would happen and what would happen and it was all under my control, but I didn't have to make any direct intervention myself”.

The project unfolded exactly as planned, with minimal disruption to his daily life.

Seeing the Benefits

John's home is now demonstrably more comfortable and warmer. While the impact on his energy bills hasn't fully materialised yet as he’s only experienced a few winter months since his project was installed, John's already enjoying a quieter home thanks to the new double glazing. "I certainly noticed a reduction in noise from passing traffic because of the double glazing," he shares, along with the home staying warmer for much longer periods. "So there were definitely noticeable benefits straightaway."

More Than Just a Service

John doesn't just see Furbnow as a company; he sees them as a partner in his home improvement journey. When asked if he would recommend Furbnow, John was confident that Furbnow can provide a valuable service for anyone looking to create a more comfortable and energy-conscious home.

Thinking Beyond the Initial Project

After already seeing the benefits of the project, John is curious about the possibility of future improvements.

John ended our talk with a question, “Is there another stage to the retrofit journey or are there other things that might be done in the future to continue my journey?”

We assured him that our Home Energy Plan is a long-term roadmap divided into different phases, and there's always the potential for further upgrades down the line. However, for now, Furbnow and John are confident his home is in the best position, and he can focus on enjoying the improvements he's already made.

Furbnow: Your Partner in Home Energy Efficiency

John's story is a testament to the value Furbnow can bring to homeowners. Our Home Energy Plans and project management services take the complexity out of home improvement, empowering you to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Ready to embark on your own home energy journey? Get a quote for a Home Energy Plan today.

Written by

Nadeem Hussain