The average energy rating for a home in the UK is a D. We don't think that's good enough.

For years, people have been plagued with cold calls and letters claiming that they could cut their bills in half by installing solar panels or inviting them to receive grants for insulation from schemes that don’t exist.

Rightly, people are confused. They don’t know where to start or how best to invest in their home to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint.

This is why we founded Furbnow: to give impartial, actionable advice, and carry out the work your home actually needs.

If you’re looking for support with an ongoing project we can help with that too from DIY tips to project management, just get in touch.

Meet the Team

We’re a group of retrofit experts on a mission to make homes healthier and greener. We’re committed to building a compassionate and diverse team who make an impact.

Becky Lane
Becky Lane

Co-founder and CEO

Becky has been a leading light in the retrofitting game for the past 10 years. Now she’s decided to tackle the inefficiencies in people’s homes and in the wider industry head-on with Furbnow.

Becky’s currently on the board of Sustainable Housing Action Partnership, working for a smart, sustainable national housing infrastructure in the UK. And prior to that she was the Net Zero Neighbourhood Delivery Manager for Energy Capital and Business Modelling consultant for Energy Systems Catapult.

Laurence Watson
Laurence Watson

Co-founder and CPTO

Laurence has been at the intersection of climate and technology for ten years +, leading on tech at Subak, the world's first accelerator for climate non-profits; co-founding data science consultancy Future Energy Associates; using satellites and machine learning to track coal plants at Carbon Tracker, and helping reform the European carbon market at Ember.

He has also spent time in Westminster as a policy researcher, and is a Trustee of the Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust

Nick Begy
Nick Begy

Head of Growth

Nick is an experienced award-winning Marketing professional with deep expertise around digital, data and branding.

He's worked across numerous industry sectors, and always focuses on quantifiable results. His care to detail always put the best interests of our customers and the community first

Nick's passion is for people, and how he can help them improve their lives, both professionally through his work life, his work as a councilor, or through the charity he chairs.

Jared Joseph-White
Jared Joseph-White

Operations Lead

Jared is a positive deviant, doing his bit to spur the transition towards a regenerative economy that delivers social justice and well-being on a healthy planet.

Karl Spalding Wall
Karl Spalding Wall

Senior Software Engineer

Karl is a developer with over 17 years experience, specialising in full-stack web and mobile applications at numerous startups and companies like Zoopla.

Robert Serowka
Robert Serowka

Software Engineer

Rob is an architect turned full stack engineer. He has a passion for tackling projects by combining creative flair and brings his knowledge of the built environment to bear in his work scaling up UK retrofits at Furbnow.

Upgrade your home

Get the plan your home needs

Our Home Energy Plan shows the path forward for your property.


An overview of the current performance of your home and how it could improve.


A detailed breakdown of potential problem areas in your home. The next steps for your project if you decide to start your retrofit.


An outline of the outcomes the project will bring to your home as well as a breakdown of all the energy efficiency measures you could install and the best measures to invest in first.

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