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Retrofit Services: Internal Wall Insulation

Retrofit Services: Internal Wall Insulation

What is internal wall insulation? How much does it cost? And can you book it through us? (Hint: you sure can, you just need to book a home assessment first). Read on for our full guide.

Definition: What Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal Insulation is the process of fitting insulation material inside the walls of your house, and is one of the better ways of ensuring your house retains energy. It is different from cavity wall insulation, which puts insulation between cavity walls. Internal insulation can reduce floorspace slightly.

What are the benefits of Internal wall insulation?

How does Internal wall insulation get installed?

Internal Insulation either involves attaching rigid insulation boards to the wall inside, or building a stud wall and filling it with insulation material such as mineral wool fibre. If you opt for a stud wall, it needs to be at least 120 cm thick to be effective, so bear that in mind when considering which direction to take.

How long does it take to get Internal wall insulation installed?

Internal Insulation can take between 3 and 5 days. You should also have a home assessment done beforehand to see where internal wall insulation can be added and if it’s needed. This takes about 1-2 hours.

How much does Internal Wall insulation cost?

Internal wall insulation comes in between £40 to £50 per sq. metre (unless you’re having a stud wall built in which case it heads towards £100 per sq. meter). On average internal insulation costs a household around £8,500. According to the Energy Saving Trust - adding solid wall insulation could save you between £930 (Detached) and £240 (mid-floor flat) per year in energy costs, so as well as feeling the immediate benefits, you’re likely to have the difference paid off in about 10 years.

Can I have internal wall insulation done alongside other work?

Yes! In fact, internal wall insulation can be quite disruptive, requiring skirting boards, door-frames and other external fittings to be removed. If you have work going on in the living room (for example), then we recommend having internal insulation done at the same time in that room to reduce disruption and cost.

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