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Retrofit Services: Cavity Wall Insulation

Retrofit Services: Cavity Wall Insulation

What is cavity wall insulation? How much does it cost? And can you book it through us? (Hint: you sure can, you just need to book a home assessment first). Read on for our full guide.

Definition: What is Cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is usually either mineral wool, polystyrene beads or polyurethane. It sits in the gap between the external wall of your home and the internal wall in your home to help it retain heat. This type of wall is known as a cavity wall. A cavity wall has a hollow centre between two layers of brick and mortar. The majority of homes in the UK built after the 1920s use cavity walls. The benefits are that the gap between walls reduces the transmission of cold air. So less heat leaves your home. However these walls can be improved by filling that gap with cavity wall insulation. ‍ ‍

What are the benefits of cavity wall insulation? ‍

How do installers insulate your cavity walls? ‍

Installers will drill holes in the outside walls, inject insulation through the holes and then seal them with cement. The holes are around around 2mm in diameter and are drilled about 1m apart in each wall. Once they’ve blown the insulation into the wall they then seal the hole with cement so that you barely notice them.

How long does it take to get cavity wall insulation? ‍

Any retrofit installer will first need to survey your property to make sure you get the right work done and where we’d need to do the work. This takes around 1-2 hours and involves thermal imaging to see where the heat is leaving your home. When they come to install the cavity wall insulation, it usually takes around two hours to fill the walls with insulation. ‍

How much does cavity wall insulation cost? ‍

This will vary depending on the property size and the type of walls you have. For general guidance it costs about £200-£300 per wall. The payback in energy bills for cavity wall insulation, regardless of your property size, is about 4-5 years. ‍

Can I have cavity wall insulation done alongside other work? ‍

Yes you can have cavity wall insulation work done alongside other jobs, like installing double glazing or getting a kitchen extension, or whatever it might be. In fact we actively encourage you to get as much work done at the same time as possible as it saves money as you have builders already on site, it means less disruption as you only have the builders in once, and it’s less carbon intensive so better for the environment. ‍

Can I book cavity wall insulation through Furbnow?

Yes, just fill out our assessment form for us to take a look at your house and its needs and we can go from there. We make sure all aspects of your house are considered and also take your priorities into consideration. You'll find out the best place to invest in your home to achieve the best results.

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Let’s plan your warmer, more environmentally-friendly home.

We can get started today. The first step is to get a personalised quote. From there, we’ll collect some details about you and your home and book a survey.

Why Furbnow?

Furbnow are your one-stop-shop for a healthier home, guiding you from an initial assessment, through to managing the full project to completion. We will provide an unbiased review of your property, and ensure any work you decide to undertake is using accredited suppliers, to ensure your project is delivered to the highest standards.

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