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Maggie's Piecemeal Approach

Retrofit 3 mins

Maggie's story:

“My husband and I moved into this house about eight years ago after renting, so it’s our first property buying together. We pretty much knew when we were looking that we’d have to pay to insulate the house, there aren’t many ready-made well insulated homes out there. So we didn’t max out our budget and saved up from that point to have the work done. 

We also took out a loan to fund the work as the property value had gone up quite a bit and the mortgage was up for renewal. When the combi boiler packed in we decided this was the time to make changes to the house. The loan was pegged to our mortgage so after using up saved funds we then added twenty grand onto our mortgage to cover everything. 

We initially had an independent energy survey which highlighted quick easy changes we could make while we planned in more complicated work, like changing the loft hatch and replacing our front door which was really draughty.  For major works like internal wall insulation, external wall insulation and the heat pump the time needed for planning and coordinating is considerable, as we had to coordinate different suppliers with different lead times and ensure everything was done in the right order to make the most of government grants.” (That’s why having a business that can do it all like Furbnow is so helpful.)

If you'd like to start your retrofit journey and see what your home needs to become more energy efficient then why not book a home assessment with us here.

Written by

Oisin Teevan